I haven’t been to New York City for many years. In fact it had been since I was 17 and traveling to New York City with my mother to visit her best friend who lived in Brooklyn. So I was very excited that I would be traveling to New York City alone on my way to join a cruise to Bermuda.

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Making Your Travel Plans – Travel tips for Women Traveling to New York City Alone

Tip #1 Book an aisle seat, getting ready to travel.

When making airline reservation, I always ask for an aisle seat because of my back, I need to get up and move around if it is a long flight. This will help with women traveling to New York City alone and other destinations because you are visible to people around you and the staff. There have been some reports of women being assaulted while on their flight. Be aware of the person setting next to you.
Make sure you do your airline check-in online; it make the process that much easier. Get to the airport way before your flight so you won’t be rushed, these are the times when we tend to forget things and have our guard down. Delta allows you to pay for boarding the soon after first class boards; use it if you can.

Tip#2 Leave an itinerary

Leave an itinerary with you family or close friend so they will know what your plans are and how they can reach you.

Tip#3 Do not over pack for your trip

When packing you want to make sure you don’t over-pack or take the bling (jewelry) with you, all you need is a wedding ring. If you are single, buy an inexpensive wedding ring to wear. This may help you avoid unwanted attention from men and others who will think you are traveling with your spouse.

The reason for packing light is because you want to be able to keep your bags with you on the flight and be able to have one hand free at all times when moving with them. Make sure that you choose luggage that is either spinner luggage or roller suit cases with a small carry-on. I don’t know about you but I have issues with my back and shoulders so I can’t lift or carry much. Photography is a hobby of mine and I use to travel with heavy cameras and now I’m not able to do so, so I got a mirrorless camera which is a great deal smaller, and I use my cell phone camera/video a lot.

I tend to dress very conservatively when traveling: nice blouse, sweater, slacks and comfortable shoes. I don’t carry large pocket books unless it is serving as the second carry on, again only a couple of bags. Carry your money and important documents in something you can easily get to from your personal carry-on or on yourself.

Getting to the Airport – For Women Traveling alone to Airport take a taxi or car service

Tip #1 Take a taxi or Car Service to the Airport

It has been sometime since I have driven to the Atlanta Jackson Airport from where I live; it takes about an hour even if you live in the metro area, because of traffic and distance.

For those women traveling to New York alone, I suggest hiring a car service to and from the airport, for safety reasons and convenience. You don’t have to worry about finding a parking place and having to walk to and from your car alone, and it is nice not having to worry about traffic.

Once you have gone through airport security make sure you take your onboard bags with you everywhere you go at the airport, even in your bathroom stall. Walk with confidence.

Tip #2 After traveling to New York City or your destination make sure you have made arrangements for transportation to your hotel.

I made the decision to choose a taxi service to the hotel, this is the best way to get from LaGuardia airport to the Times Square theater district, but make sure you get a taxi or Yellow taxi with a meter, as I walked out to transportation area I was approach by man saying, “Need a “taxi?” so I said yes, and he flagged one of his cars to come up, and it was a car service and not a taxi. I decided to go with it but that trip into city to time square from LaGuardia cost me $65.00 dollars, when I returned to the LaGuardia airport to fly home I got a “yellow” taxi from hotel and it was half of that cost. Be careful, sometimes quick decisions are not good.

When taking a taxi make sure it is a licensed taxi with a meter. They keep logs, so if an emergency or crisis occurs there is a trail.

Make Hotel Reservations – Travel Tips For Women Traveling To New York City Alone.

Tip #1 Ask for a room close to the elevator and on a higher level

My hotel was located next to Times Square. It was so close that when I walked out of the hotel I could see the Times Square Ball just waiting for New Year’s Eve. Time Square was lit up at night like the strip of Las Vegas, my hotel room was on the 45th floor and at night because of all the lights from the square they had special shades that block out the lights. This hotel was under a lot of new construction. It should be very nice when they finish the work. It is a great location; I stayed here because of a meeting I needed to attend the next day.

Tip #2 Look out for dark hallways leading to your room

This hotel has a 4 star rating but I would give the hotel 3 and 1/2 stars because I found the hall ways to be very dark, and I was always uncomfortable every time I came out of my room or when getting off the elevator. For women traveling alone staying in hotel there are certain things you should always request from the hotel, a room close to elevators, being above 4th floor, and hallways should be very well lighted.

Touring Alone While In The New York City – Travel Tips For Women Traveling To New York City Alone.

Tip #1 Join a group on a bus tour 

My first day in the New York City I took a city tour called the Best of Manhattan with City Sights NY . Taking tours with other large groups for Women traveling to New York City alone is a safe solution for you to see the city.
The tour was an open-top bus and there is no cancellation do to the weather, wouldn’t you know it was raining the morning tour took place. I was happy it cleared up after about an hour.

The tour company supplied rain gear, so it was ok. It was a lot of fun in the rain. After taking this tour, I now have a new appreciation for the City of New York because of this tour we went from Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Little Italy, Ellis Island to Central Park, Harlem, Fifth Avenue and much, much, more. That day the President was in town and plans were that he would be in the theatre district to see a play called “Hamilton” mid-morning well our tour ended just as his entourage came through time square, so all traffic was at a standstill, so most of us got off the tour bus including myself to walk back to our hotels, again I would advise you to blind in with the crowd.

President Obama was in town for a conference and while there he was scheduled to see the play with his daughters, I understand the first lady Michelle Obama had seen the play and recommended that he see it also. When I finally got back to my room I realized that the theatre where “Hamilton” was showing was on the same side as my room and I could look down and see the “beast” (President’s Limo) parked with all the secret servicemen’s SUVs waiting for the President and family to come out. I waited for the longest to try and see the president but I had to leave before seeing him as I had a meeting to attend.

Tip #2 Get in with the crowd, evening of theater . . .

That evening I made reservations to see the Broadway play “Wicked”.

After getting dressed I spoke to my daughter back in Georgia to let her know that I was going out for the evening and where I was going. She of course advised me to get a cab to the theatre and back because she did not feel comfortable about me walking to the theatre even though it was only three blocks from hotel. So when I got ready to go, I walked down to the lobby entrance of hotel to get the curb boy to get me a cab, he asked where I was going for the evening and I told him to see the play Wicked, he responded ma’am you can walk to the theater quicker than I can get a cab for you. I told him I had some safety concerns because I would be walking alone, and he said you will be ok, this place is like being at Disneyland (not sure that is completely true), just blend in with the crowd and walk in the direction of the theater, you will be ok. I thought to myself I would get that cab coming back because it would be close to 11:00pm.

Tip #2 Eat at the Bar of the restaurant when eating alone

I found a nice restaurant Azelea la cafe on the corner of where the theatre was so I decided to pick up my tickets to the play and have dinner before it started. I meet a nice lady in town for business while having dinner at the bar of the restaurant. After the show I came out to the street looking for a cab and decide to walk back to hotel, there was just as many people out on the streets as it was earlier, so I got in the mix again with larger groups of people and moved when they did going in the direction of my hotel.

This is something I decided to do; I’m not suggesting you do this. To be safe grab a cab.

Had a great time traveling to New York City, looking forward to returning soon for another play.
If you can’t get your girlfriends to come along on your adventure trip to see a Broadway play, plan your getaway today!

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