This is a great article for Women who travel solo or who on occasion want to enjoy dinner alone.

Bella DePaulo, Ph.D in Psychology, recently conducted a very interesting survey comparing pictures of people dining alone versus people dining with the company of others. The results showed that any social stigmas our readers perceive are unfounded, and more reflective of your state of mind.

Think of dining alone as an opportunity to pick the type of food you really want; no need to please friends and family, or to make compromises; the only opinion that counts is yours!

  • We have compiled a few ideas to maximize the experience of dining by yourself:
  • Pick a restaurant with an open or exposed kitchen. There’s nothing quite like watching the chefs in action!
  • Some people choose to eat at the counter. It is a good way to meet people or to strike up an interesting conversation with the bartender, or someone sitting next to you.
  • Bring a book or a magazine.
  • If you want to be alone with your thoughts, ask the Maitre D’ to find you a table in a corner, or near the back of the restaurant.
  • A good hotel concierge should be able to recommend options for women business travelers.
  • While there are exceptions, broadly speaking avoid restaurants in large hotels; they are often times impersonal and full of tourists.
  • Avoid tapas places

Don’t think everyone is looking at you when dining alone. Enjoy the opportunity to relax, be with your thoughts, and enjoy a GREAT meal! And finally, for those of you that are still not convinced, find dining companions in our community of women business travelers by visiting our forum.

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