What are the best places for single women to travel? I am asked this question all the time – normally when I tell women what I do as a travel professional.

And, of course, there is no one right answer to this question. Finding the best places for single women to travel depends on the individual’s interests, physical abilities, financial resources, time available and travel experience.

But that affects all women traveling alone. When it comes to determining the best destinations for women solo travelers, here’s how I explain it to women who ask.

Best Places For Single Women to Travel Who are First-Time Single Women Travelers with No Travel Experience

If this is your first time traveling alone as a woman traveler and new to traveling, I suggest that you stay close to home. Start by taking baby steps to build your confidence. Try a weekend getaway. Drive, take a bus or train to another town, city, province or state and explore. You will be doing so in a language and culture that is familiar which minimizes the challenges of solo travel. Contact us we can advise you of the best weekend getatways (let’s get acquainted).

It’s best to have a sense of what kind of vacation experience you want to get, prior to going on the journey.

As you travel, practice some of these basic solo travel techniques for women:

  • Consult the your travel consultant before you leave, hotel or cruise concierge about where the best places for single women to go to who want to be adventurous, and go out and seeing possibly some local live music or entertainment for the evening.
  • Join groups for a short period of time. Take a museum tour or a cooking class. Anything of that nature will deliver a really social experience.
  • Research coffee shops and restaurants with communal tables, again, so that you can meet people in a casual setting.
  • Read: Travel Safety-Safety tips for personal and corporate travellers. by Craig Bidois.travelsafetybook.com

Another good source is the Luxe Women Travel blog section on Women Travel Tips, do a bit of research and head out. Don’t forget to give yourself some quiet time as well and take note of how it feels to be independent, strong and confident.

We can help you to overcome these barriers of traveling alone and create a weekend getaway customized itinerary that fits your needs.

Best Places for Single Women to travel who have Travel Experience OR Single Women Travelers who have Little Experience Abroad

Both categories of single women travelers have the same best places for single women to travel in my mind so I’ve added them together.

  • If you’ve never traveled solo but have join women traveling together groups, you need to develop the solo travel skills. You know how airports work and that tourism bureaus are typically near train stations. A lot of your travel knowledge has become instinctive so your challenge is being alone. Have a read of the bullet points in the section above.
  • If you’ve traveled solo but only close to home, your learning curve is on the other side of the coin. Your challenge will be to negotiate transportation and foreign currency but you will feel pretty comfortable with being alone.

In both cases, I suggest that the best places for single women to travel
has a familiar culture and language.

For North Americans, London is a great idea but there are others such as Amsterdam where English is widely spoken. Places that have a familiar culture and language; and the best mode of travel River Cruises!

Why Amsterdam Is Your Preferred Place  If You Have Little Travel Experience As A Female Traveler

Luxury River Cruises to Amsterdam is one of the best ways to visit this great small city if you are new to women traveling solo. From Amsterdam canals to world-famous Amsterdam museums and historical Amsterdam sights, it is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe.

Best Places for Single Women to Travel Wanting to Stretch their Horizons

Once you have experienced traveling solo both home and abroad, you’re really ready to broaden your horizons and explore more challenging destinations. But where. This is my challenge. With safety and traveling alone a concern, where to go.

One of my first Solo trips was on a Mediterranean Cruise.

Italy is a great destination in Europe I had no problem with people speaking English. Barcelona is sophisticated with an excellent transit system, wonderful restaurants and great public spaces. From there I traveled by Cruise ship to Puma to take the Ferry to Capri.

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