Albanian Women: Find Your Albanian Singles Online

Before you start to discover Albanian women, you may feel a sudden need to find Albania on the map. No worries. There’s no need for that. This is a country located in Southern Europe. It’s a country known for great mountains, street art, colorful buildings, bunkers, enormous lakes, and a natural wonder known as the blue eye.

There are so many great things worth your attention in this enigmatic country. The best thing about this country is definitely Albania women. These charming gems of Albania are known for being great wives, passionate lovers, and interesting people to talk to. You can discover them in detail with this article on beautiful Albanian women.

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Defining Albanian Women

Don’t you want to have a wife who’ll be like Eralda Hitaj or Emina Cunmulaj? Albanian ladies are known for being positive, smart, and elegant ladies worth your attention. Thanks to the popularity of dating sites and agencies, you can be lucky to discover these charming ladies on top dating sites. But why start dating an Albanian woman?

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Are Albanian girls gorgeous? It’s normal that nothing comes to mind when thinking of Albanians. This makes them even more enigmatic. If you’re interested in the hottest, cutest, and sexiest ladies you can discover, then you should start with Albanian women. Ladies like Ermonela Jaho, Tika Ivezaj, and Hasna Xhukici define the beauty standards in Albania.

The first thing about them is their genetics which defines their beauty. In other words, they’re naturally charming and cute. What’s more, they tend to invest a lot to look more attractive. Besides, these ladies are quite stylish, so they can impress you with what they wear. So, once you see hot Albanian women, be ready to fall in love.

What do Albanian women look like?

It’s time to consider the physical features of these women. In general, you should imagine women like Gentiana Ismajli and Bebe Rexha. What’s so special about them? Here are the main features:

  • Tall women. It’s common to consider Albanian ladies taller than ladies from other countries. Their height gives them an appealing look.
  • Skin tone. They can be tanned, at least more tanned than the majority of Slavs. But you can come across ladies with white skin.
  • Cute noses. They’re really cute, and according to some men, their Grecian-type noses give them an even cute look, like in the case of Valbona Coba.
  • Hair and eyes. Besides their higher cheekbones, they tend to have darker wavy hair with darker eyes. It’s rare to see ladies with blue or green eyes.

Overall, Albanian women like Eliza Dushku tend to have greater bodies, taller and thinner legs, and appealing looks.

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Being mesmerized by their appearance might not be enough for you to start looking for them. But their inner world is even more appealing and worth your attention. When it comes to their personality traits, you’ll discover the following:

  • Kind. Albanian women tend to be kinder and more respectful towards others. This is explained by their conservative and religious background.
  • Hospitable. Love for foreigners and guests is common in Albanian society. Thus, you’ll never feel alienated when dating Albanian ladies.
  • Shy. They don’t tend to talk a lot, as they’re quite shy. Although emotional by nature, they have problems showing them to you.
  • Honest. They don’t like lying or being lied to. Thus, they prefer to start their relationships based on mutual trust.

Their personality traits make them even more appealing partners to Western guys who can be interested in ladies for more serious relationships.


What else makes them unique? One of the best things about them is their patient nature. Thus, they’re known for being ideal life partners. Such a feature makes them more forgiving towards their life partners. But is that all they can offer to you?

The other thing that’s worth mentioning is their submissive nature. It means these women are far from being feministic. They’re feminine and feel okay with male dominance, be it in a relationship or marriage. In other words, who can be more ideal for dating than Albanian singles?

The Attitude of Albanian women

When talking about Albanian girls, you should know what dating them means. You need to have serious intentions for a long-lasting relationship. In a country where the main religion is Islam, you can’t expect something else, especially in terms of intimacy. Thus, they’re quite serious in terms of creating relationships with the main goal of marrying.

Things Every Man Should Know Before Dating an Albanian Woman

When dating Albania women, what should you do to conquer their attention and hearts? Here are the basic tips on how to impress your Albanian girlfriend:

  • Be respectful. Show your manner and politeness when dating an Albanian woman. You should show your respect by all means.
  • Make compliments. You can learn the word beautiful in Albanian, for example, to impress your lady. Don’t forget that despite being Muslims, most of them are fans of watching Italian dramas. 
  • Be ready to meet her family. An Albanian woman will make sure that you’re ready to meet her parents, whose approval is a must when dating a foreigner.
  • Be interesting. Your intelligence is what makes you appealing to them. They don’t care about your age or how you look unless you’re boring.
  • Be generous. They want to believe that you’ll take care of them in terms of finance, as one of the reasons why they seek your attention is to find a well-to-do partner.

You just need to keep in mind that you’ll be dating a hot lady with a conservative mindset, so patience will be your friend.

Why Are Albanian Women So Popular?

Albanian women continue to grow their popularity, and if you’re interested in finding a perfect wife, then hot Albanian girls are your best option. What does it mean to have an ideal wife? In the case of Albanian women, you can be interested in serious bonds. First of all, it’s their commitment that deserves admiration. They’ll always be by your side.

The next reason is about being a calm and reliable partner.  You can always trust Albanian women. Finally, it’s about their passionate nature that’ll make your life incredible for good. So, why not start looking for hot Albanian women?

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Where to Meet Albanian Girls?

Albania is a small country with many beautiful mountains. Still, it doesn’t mean there are no places worth visiting. Actually, despite being quite a conservative and post-communistic country, it surprisingly has a lot to offer. You’ll never run out of options, be it during the day or night. So, learn where you can visit.


Finding hot singles in Albania during the daytime can be a piece of cake only if you know where to go. Here are some great places you shouldn’t miss:

  • Albanian Riviera. It’s one of the most popular places for tourists. It’s a place of music, where many international festivals are held. What’s more, it has great beaches where you can meet the hottest ladies.
  • Tirana. It’s the capital city where you can see many interesting things. Perhaps, the first must-see place is Et’Hem Bey Mosque dating back to the 18th century. The good aspect of this capital city is that it’s quite affordable to stay there.
  • Llogara Pass. It’s more of a romantic place to visit. Here, you can meet many local ladies interested in tourists. Llogara National Park is home to many different animals. It’s just a few hours away from the capital city.
  • Berat. It’s one of the oldest towns. It’s also referred to as the City of a Thousand Windows. You can meet many local girls. Ladies living in this town are among the most conservative yet gorgeous ones.

There are more places that you can visit and discover. But what about the nightlife in the country that’s more conservative than modern?


In major cities, you’ll find a great range of pubs and nightclubs. Of course, you won’t get a chance for the best nightlife in rural areas of the country. The best nightlife is definitely in the Albanian Riviera intended for tourists. Even the nightlife in the capital city isn’t as cool as in this place.

Online dating

Meeting ladies online is another alternative worth considering. Going to Albania isn’t so expensive, but it can be time-consuming. That can’t be said about the online dating experience. It’s affordable and time-saving. All you do is click on the right site and enjoy the companionship of sexy Albanian women like Angela Martini.

Before you start your online venture, be sure that you pick the right dating site. This will ensure better results, better quality, and no scams. If you’re keen on dating without worrying that you’ll get scammed, be sure to choose your site carefully.

The final thoughts

Albanian girls are diligent, patient, and submissive, and this is what makes them so appealing, not to mention that they’re really hot. If interested, it’s time to look for an ideal Albanian dating site.

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