Our Women Travel Tours are designed with your specific needs in mind. No matter if you are looking for to traveling together with your girl friends, mother, daughter, grandmother; if you are planning to travel alone, or in organized clubs and ethnic groups, your dream is our command.

We at Luxe Women Travel offer customized travel itineraries and several different women travel packages that will be rewarding and satisfying to you no matter how you wish to travel.

Women Travel Tours – Travel Itinerary #1

Women Traveling Together – Experience, Feel, Dream, Grow

When women are traveling together, they want to share three things: Thoughts. Experiences. Feelings. 

An unforgettable travel experience provides a perfect backdrop and creates a source of support and strength for many women who may not have this in their personal lives.

Ask us below for a free travel consulting session to see what women travel tours itinerary fits perfectly your dream of women traveling together with your best friend or friends, your mom, daughter or granddaughter, your colleagues or any other woman in your life you want to explore the world together with.

Women Travel Tours – Travel Itinerary #2

Women Traveling alone – Freedom, Connect, Self-Confidence

Traveling solo and having fun? I totally get it. I oftentimes travel solo.  As the founder of Luxe Women Travel, I have experienced many trips traveling alone and found these journeys to be very rewarding.

What does solo travel mean for women?

….you have more freedom do what you want when you want…change your mind at will…be more spontaneous…take more risks.

Ask us below for a free travel consulting session to see what travel itinerary fulfills your dream of being free and doing what you want. Whenever, wherever, however.

Women Travel Tours – Travel Itinerary #3

Black Women Travel Groups – Explore Culture, Connection, Food, And Arts To Discover your Black European Heritage

Our black women travel groups are created for you, to fulfill your desire to travel with other African-American women who share your passion for Travel, Culture, Fine Foods, Wine and the Arts.

It’s all about the sisterhood that is especially known among African-American women and understood.

In a free travel consulting session you’ll find out more about our travel itinerary especially created with the African-American spirit in mind.

Women Travel Tours – Travel Itinerary #4

Single Women Travel Groups- Safety, Enjoyment, New Beginning

Single women travel groups is a way for you to travel to your dream destination safely, comfortably connecting with other women who are single for what ever reason desiring a new beginning.

There is a kinship between women who have either become a widow, divorced or never been married to enjoy a special experience through travel.

Ready to travel solo but with an awesome group of like-minded women, with the same dreams and desires as you are? Sign up for our free travel consulting session to find out more about our women travel tours below.

Women Travel Tours – Travel Itinerary #5

Women Travel Groups – For Well-Traveled, Culturally Inspired, Like-Minded Women

Ready to share your passion for culturally inspired interest with other like-minded women travelers?

Our Women Travel Groups package is a “special interest” themed group tour for women. The Itineraries are setup for our well-traveled and culturally inspired clients. If you are group of women historians, artist, musicians or lover of fine foods and wines..or you just love the old-world style Christmas markets in Europe then these Women Travel Group tours are for you.

Which travel type are you?

The one traveling with a girl friend, exploring the world with other women traveling together or just wanting some me time and going solo.  Great travel resources for smart traveling or being on the road are smart women travelers or
women on the road.

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