Valentine’s Day can be a very trying time to say the least if you are a single women. If you try to go out to dinner on that day it is hard to get a reservation, and if you happen to land one, “well everyone is coupled off” and looking at you like they feel sorry for you. Who needs that? not a strong, passionate and independent women.
This year’s Valentine’s Day is on the weekend which makes for a great time to consider going on Valentines Day Getaways and enjoying a long weekend. So instead of avoiding the local restaurants or staying home and watching your favorite movie/television marathon, treat yourself to Valentines Day Getaways, after all you are worth it.

I understands you having to decide what your plans will be for Valentine’s Day each year.

Here are just a few of my tips and ideas on how to celebrate your independence on Valentine’s Day with Valentines Day Getaways close to Atlanta.

If you are not close to the Atlanta area, contact Luxe Women Travel and we can help you with more tips for your Valentines Day Getaways near you.

5 Tips For Single Women Alone To Celebrate your Valentine’s Day With Valentines Day Getaways.

Tip#1.  2 to 3 Day Luxury SPA Getaway – For Valentines Day Getaways.

Here’s a value tip for your spa getaway, look for something close to home.

You can have one spa treatment and enjoy the rest of the time reading, relaxing and taken in all the peace and tranquility of the spa. Some local spas offer breakfast/lunch/ tea time packages and may include a nice quite dinner for your pleasure. If you are near Atlanta I would recommend Chateau Elan Resorts.

The Seasoned Women traveler knows her spa vacations are the way to de-stress, slow down the aging process and to take care of their mind, body and souls, looking after their well-being.

Tip#2.  Culinary and Wine Tasting Getaways – For Valentines Day Getaways.

Escape the stresses of the holiday on a culinary and wine tasting Getaway. Experience the moment when learning to cook your favorite meal or about your favorite wine, and then afterwards slip into a candle lit bath in your private garden tub, or just sit back and enjoy a glass of wine reflecting how special you are– After all, all that matters is you. My suggestion for this getaway would be the Planters Inn of Charleston, SC this is a vacation for food and wine lovers.

Tip#3.  Broadway Play Weekend Getaways To New York City – For Valentines Day Getaways.

This one may not be close to home but a lot of fun, take a short flight to New York City.
Stay in the theatre district around Broadway, choose the latest play, have a nice dinner my suggestion would be Azalea Grill, then enjoy your play. I believe “Hamilton” is the only play that you need to buy tickets way in advance. Enjoy the next day on a New York tour or go to some of the fabulous museums that the city has to offer.

Tip#4.  Lie Out On The Beach And Do Nothing Getaways – for Valentines Day Getaways.

There are some beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise blue water in Mexico, most flights from Atlanta are less than 3 hours away. Cancun is a great getaway for the weekend to enjoying one of the great luxury resorts like Secrets The Vine Resort there you can just relax and take in some sun on the beach. Plenty of activity around if that is what you want.

Tip#5. Go On An Over Night Road Trip – for Valentines Day Getaways.

In just about 3.5 hours from Atlanta there is a place I personally love to drive to nestled in the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains. Asheville, NC is one of the top travel destinations across the globe.  A beautiful town, it’s also home to some of the country’s best wineries, eateries, and America’s largest home, the Biltmore Estate. Take a self-tour of the Bilmore Estate, enjoy the winery and stay at the Biltmore Inn.

What ever you choose for your Valentines Day Getaways it is going to be great. Pamper yourself and enjoy it!

Need help planning your “Valentine’s Day” , Let’s get Acquainted! and let travel be your Valentine.
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