Tips for better smartphone photography.

Yes, even you can take great travel photos with just your simple smartphone—no bulky camera needed. I use to take along my bulky camera on my vacation but now I travel with my smartphone and a small mirrorless camera.
Below are some tips to help you take better pictures on your vacation with your smartphone.

Know your smartphone camera
– Read your smartphone instructions. Knowing where everything is located will help capture those quick shoots that come up quickly.

Hold Steady

– This will help your picture to be shaper.

Rule of thirds

– Easy way to improve your photos is to make use of the rule-of-thirds grid in your camera app. This is a relatively common feature in today’s camera apps. Make sure to turn yours on.

Get up close to subject and high

– See if you can photograph local cityscapes from a second- or third-floor window instead of street level.

Light source very important

– Photo’s are better if taken when the sun is low in the sky, either early in the morning or toward sundown.

Use an app for after-dark photography

– Cell phones struggle with color contrast and blurring at night. The solution: Download Night Camera, one of a few great options for time-delayed image capturing.

Hope these tips help you capture your travel memories that you can share in a instant.

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