For women traveling alone brings its own set of opportunities and challenges. Being able to go where you want, do what you want, when you want has to be balanced with feeling lonely, conspicuous about eating alone and appearing friendless. A ‘must have a holiday’ mindset can be the catalyst for your first lone travel experience. If you lack suitable travel companions it can be a question of stepping out solo or not having a holiday at all. Women traveling alone need not be lonely and can be great fun. Do not be reluctant to travel just because you are on your own. Just remember the following tips and your holiday will go with a swing.

1. Do your research. I always check reviews of where I am going on ‘Trip Adviser’. I then use their forum to ask any questions from previous guests/travelers.Some of the travel companies also offer reviews.

2. Invest in a pair of luggage scales. Most tour operators get commission on excess baggage and costs are excessive. You will also be more confident knowing you can manage your bags comfortably.

3. Get advice about the best credit/debit cards to take abroad from There is also a useful tool for finding the best exchange rates which will make your hard earned cash go further.

4. If you need to arrange transit to and from the airport arrange this with the hotel. It may cost a bit more but it is much safer and the drivers will be insured. It is also much nicer when you arrive alone, to have someone waiting for you.

5. When packing, roll your clothes up. You will get more in your case and your things will crease less.Knowing you are looking your best will make you feel more confident about meeting and chatting to new friends.

Traveling alone can be a wonderful experience. With solo traveling you will meet many new people and your confidence will go through the roof. Try it. Article written by: Chris Moon-Willems is a Social Work professional, Life Coach, Retirement Success Coach and Master NLP Practitioner”.

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