Japan is an Island country in East Asia northwest of the Pacific Ocean. The Sea of Japan borders Japan to the West and extends from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north. Japan is part of the Ring of Fire and spans an archipelago of 6852 Islands that covers 377,975 square kilometers.

However, the five main islands in Japan are Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, Okinawa, and Kyushu. Tokyo is the country’s capital and the largest city in Japan. Japanese women and the country of Japan are the least-discovered treasures on the Asian continent. Japan is by far the most famous country in the world with fascinating culture and lots of technological and economic ventures.

Japan is considered the most technologically advanced, most developed country in the world and among the countries with the best standards of living. Women from Japanese are intriguing and it’s hardly possible to fully understand their personalities.

Facts about Japanese women’s right

Though women from Japan had equal legal rights with men post World War II, the economic conditions for Japanese women do not reflect that. In politics, Japan remains behind other developed democracies. This year, less than 18 percent of the 1051 candidates contesting for the House of Representatives were women. 

Government Representation 

Japan’s democracy is a democracy without women because of the country’s poor record of gender equality. Japanese women make up half its population, yet they do not have a place in the government to discuss policies that affect them. However, for Japan to enhance its democracy and create a bright future for its people, women need to have a voice in politics. This is one reason women from Japan become mail-order brides so they can meet foreign men and leave their homeland. 

Universal Free Education

Japan has generous scholarship schemes for income families to create equal educational opportunities across Japan. The government made a $7.2 billion investment into its universal free education at national universities. However, fees at private universities, vocational schools and colleges will be subsidized by the government. The universal free education scheme is aimed at increasing the country’s productivity by 10% within a space of four years. 

The Workforce Gender Gap

The country’s population is among the fastest-declining populations in the world. The workforce on the other hand is decreasing dramatically. The government has hired more women into the labor force. 53% of Japanese women participate in the country’s labor force compared to 71% of the men. 

Yet, 44% of the women are temporary and part-time workers compared to only 11% of the men. As of 2019, the pay gap between women and men in Japan was 23% less than that of their male counterparts. 

Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates

The infant mortality rate in Japan as of 2020 was 1.65 deaths per thousand live births. This is a huge decline from 12.49 deaths per thousand live births in 1971. The current mortality rate in Japan is estimated at around 4 in 100,000 deliveries. However, maternal deaths are caused by different factors such as obstetric hemorrhage, brain disease, amniotic fluid etc. To save lives and reduce maternal mortality rates, individual education and good hospital relationships are advised. 

What do Japanese women look like 

Women from Japanese are famous for their exceptional beauty and the first thing you will notice when you meet them is the whiteness of their skin. These women can hardly live without whitening products because white skins in Japan signify wealth, health, and well-being. Whereas the lower-class have tanned skin.

Most Japanese women apply sunscreen on their face before leaving their house and you will rarely find women of Japanese descent sunbathing. The physical features of women from Japanese regions are legendary trends. Unlike women from other countries, the smaller the weight and height of a Japanese girl, the more chances she has to attract men. A curvaceous body on the other hand is a deviation from the norm.

In addition, Japan is one of the few countries where breast augmentation surgery is not popular. Anime-style eyes, on the other hand, are a must-have for any gorgeous Japanese woman. To keep up with this trend, women from Japanese regions are great makeup art professionals. They can easily change the shape of their eyes with a few strokes of an eye pencil and mascara brush.

Other women from Japanese resort to a more drastic approach to correct their eye shape by opting for plastic surgery.


There are lots of things that make Japanese women stand out, especially their personalities. But here are the most important personalities that make women from Japan stand out.


One minute of conversation with a Japanese woman is sufficient to assess her level of intelligence. These women receive exceptional education from a very young age and their parents taught them to strive for more. This encourages them to never stop learning, which puts them ahead of their peers. Japanese women would impress you with their smart outlook on life and would not hesitate to show off how much she knows about the world.

Thanks to the technological advancement in their country, they get to meet a lot of foreigners and also interact with them. This helps women from Japan broaden their outlook about life and satisfy their urge for learning and education.


A Japanese girl is the epitome of Asian beauty. They have striking facial features, long silky black hairs on slim bodies. They have a unique taste in fashion and amazing use of makeup to augment their beauty. Women of Japanese would captivate you with their beauty from the very first sight and they know how to maintain their beautiful outlook for years.

Most women of Japanese descent exercise to keep their bodies in good shape even as they age and dress elegantly.


Beautiful girls from Japan may at first seem unapproachable, but this is only a sign of their natural modesty. Women of Japanese will hardly be the first to move or show their interest in you. This simply means you have to put in more effort into getting her to like you. Yet, if you persist and do not give up on your quest to charm her.

Your reward will be a life with a lady who adores and worships you, as well as a woman who will not pursue other men romantically. This is now a sufficient cause to desire to date a Japanese girl.


While Japanese women appear beautiful to some people, other people might consider them ugly, judging by their culture and beauty standards. But, the beauty standards of modern Japanese are light flawless skin, a slim, petite figure, long legs, and an outstanding personality. For years, they have associated Japan with fair skin, which supports an old saying in Japan that “a fair complexion hides seven flaws”.

To achieve the pale skin tones seen in Western women, some Japanese women avoid the sun entirely or use skin whitening products. Natural beauty is the hallmark of modern women from Japanese towns, but natural looks take serious work to achieve. Japanese beauty believes in preventing blemishes using natural methods is far better than concealing or removing blemishes after they appear.

Japanese women use traditional foods to maintain or cleanse their skin. While some drink green tea for its antioxidant benefits, others cool the tea and use it as a toner. This natural alternative gives them clear glowing skin and reduces the size of their pores.


An attempt to define the characteristics of Japanese women will not account for many women from Japan who deviate from the cultural norms. Yet, some sets of values and traits are common among Japanese women.


During the Second World War, most Japanese women were made to work in factories as the men were away fighting. Today, many Japanese women hold the virtue of empowerment and derive some level of accomplishment by contributing to their household financially. Also, education was a vocational role for women, but today they take responsibility for the education within their household.

Homogenous culture

The people of Japan think of themselves as a homogeneous cultural group, which makes them regard others outside the group with curiosity, suspicion, or admiration. Women from Japanese think of themselves culturally as the center of the household. They try to maintain balance and order in line with Japanese values.

Sometimes, women from Japanese point out cultural differences between themselves and foreigners, which might appear as an insult. Yet, it is their way of preserving their cultural differences.


Japanese women have reserved character and have mastered the art of hiding their feelings. At a very young age, they taught them to be less restrained and emotional, like geishas who are meek, kind, and willing to serve a man. Sometimes, women of Japanese appear like crafted dolls who do not feel rage, sorrow, or pain. However, the water runs deep as beautiful Japanese girls are approachable and open if you gain their trust.

Things Every Man Should Know Before Dating a Japanese Woman

Dating Japanese women is a mission of increasing complexity, hence you need to know the secrets to conquer her heart before you meet her. Dating women from Japan is a great experience that influences the success or failure of your marriage to Japanese women. However, here are some tips to enjoy dating Japanese women and get the best out of it.

Understand she can see other people

Learn to give your Japanese girlfriend some space while you get to know her. She would prefer not to spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week with you because she would like to meet her friends and family. Most Japanese women, however, would go on a date with you even if they have a boyfriend or are married.

Because they do not see being with someone they do not love as cheating. Thus, learn to give her space early and ask those hard questions others avoid.

Learn about Japanese culture

The culture of Japan is vibrant and differs significantly from that of other Asian countries. Women of Japanese are conservative and obey the rules and rites dictated by their cultural code. The back door to her heart is by learning something about her country so you can impress her. This approach will help you understand her culture and mindset, which gives you an idea of more topics to discuss on your dates.

Take it slow

Despite the beauty and personality of Japanese women, they prefer to take on most new relationships slowly. First, she wants to be sure she can fully trust you before she falls in love with you, which might take some time. Secondly, she needs to know you value her culture, family, and traditions to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Get familiar with the Japanese language

If you want a woman from Japan to fall in love with you, do yourself a favor and learn some basic phrases in Japan. The Japanese language is complicated and most likely grammatically different from your mother tongue. Do not expect to speak fluently, yet this step is enough to get a Japanese girl to fall for you. She would appreciate your effort to understand her better like Nelson Mandela said ‘when you speak a man’s language, you speak to his heart’.

Learn the meaning of “Omoiyari”

The word is a Japanese concept that implies treating others with respect – respect for the life of all living things. In the Japanese philosophy of life, one should always consider how their actions will affect the lives of others. With this concept in mind, you should always consider how your actions will affect the life of your Japanese girlfriend. Also, this concept will help relate with women from Japan better and help you have a better understanding of their culture.

Prepare to reveal your blood type

In Japan, they believe that a person’s blood type can improve their life. In addition, blood type represents a person’s zodiac sign. So, if your girl asks for your blood type, just know that she’s curious to see if you two are compatible. There is a chance of having a happy family if your blood types match. As a result, if you plan to go on a date with a Japanese woman and do not know your blood type, reach out to your doctor’s office first!

While Asian women are fairly popular, Japanese women have a special place in the hearts of millions of men around the world. These qualities make men want to meet them and take them as brides.

Mystical beauty

Japanese women are the epitome of Asian beauty. Because there’s a 60% chance you’re picturing a Japanese woman when you think of a charming Asian girl. Their delicate facial features, ivory skin, and shiny black hair make women of Japanese popular in the world. They are huge fans of natural beauty and have a great fashion sense which augments their charm.

Sincerely looking for love

Love is as important to Japanese women as food and shelter. Though these women function normally when they are not in love, love motivates them to improve for the sake of their partner. Japanese women are very romantic, and doing something nice for their loved ones makes their day brighter. The romance between you and a Japanese woman may be difficult to cultivate, but once it blooms, it is unlikely to die.

Fascinating lifestyles

A woman from Japan will impress you in more ways than you can imagine. They live normal lives: work, study, hang out with friends and family and browse social media for fun. But, their tastes and interests are so unusual that they will throw you off and make you fall in love with her. You will enjoy every second you spend getting to know and you are sure not to be disappointed.

Impressive homemakers

Women from Japanese do not subscribe to the outdated tradition that men should provide for the family while they do 100% of the household work. Japanese women will happily share the household work with you, though they do not consider household work as chores. She will clean your house effortlessly and keep your home cozy and clean before you return from work.

Where to Meet Japanese Girls

If you are ready to meet mysterious Japanese women with ethereal beauty and amazing personalities, this section is for you. This section is for decisive people who would love to meet gorgeous Japanese women on an unforgettable first date.


Kanakura is one city where you can find gorgeous women from Japan. When you visit Kanakura, visit the coffee houses, local restaurants, and bars to meet admirable Japanese women. The city is well known for its fantastic seafood which you can find in Kannon and Shirasuya restaurants, and also find Japanese women at lunch.

Takayama and Kagoshima are other popular areas for day games. Takayama is the land of carpenters famous for its excellent and old town museum in the open air called Hida Folk Village. Kagoshima on the other hand is popular for its magnificent palm trees along the narrow streets where you can find Japanese women for romantic dates.

The Senganen Garden in Kagoshima is a perfect spot for day games and romantic dates. However, if you want something special for your first meeting with women of Japanese, rent a car and have an adventure.


The best places to visit during nightlife are the local host clubs. Japanese women visit host clubs to chat, grab drinks with guys and have fun. You can visit these host clubs to meet women of Japanese and get to know them better. The atmosphere at these clubs can be quiet, wild, or romantic. So it won’t be difficult to find a Japanese woman that suits you.

Japan is also famous for its girl’s bars and kyabakura, which resemble host clubs but are mostly meant for men who want intimate relationships.

Online dating

Japan is an extraordinary country, and it is quite attractive. Not everyone can pack their backs and travel to Tokyo, but you can still meet Japanese women online. Bumble, Tinder, and OkCupidJapan are the three main dating websites where you can meet women from Japanese. Other online services such as Omiai, MarchAlarm, and Tapple are only Japanese apps for chatting with Japanese women in their local language.

Beautiful Japanese women are great wives

Japanese women consider their family complete when they have children of their own. Typical women of Japanese do not want a lot of children and would gladly settle on one or two kids. However, she has enough love and cares for ten children, which means your kids will grow up with so much love and attention.

You need to understand that all Japanese women are not the same and for Japanese women to make splendid wives depends on many factors. So, while you focus on the characteristics of Japanese women, don’t overlook their personalities and actions while dating.

A Japanese girl knows how to help your place be cozy

Most Japanese girls are hard-working and lovely to date because she knows how to make you happy and keep your place cozy. She radiates an aura of confidence and love which affects the atmosphere she’s around. However, the personality of the girl you are dating matters a lot to the success of your relationship.

A Japanese lady is active and friendly

Japanese women are friendly to chat with and are very active at home and work. They hate being idle and are very hardworking ladies. She values her family and friends and would appreciate it if you will respect her family and friends. To enjoy your time dating women of Japanese, do well to stay active and engage her in topics that she enjoys.

A Japanese girl is loving and caring

It is virtually difficult to find ladies from other nations who can compare with women from Japan. The way women from Japanese take care of their man or husband is astounding. She cares for her household – preparing meals, home management, and grocery shopping – and child care. Unlike most Western women, Japanese women find profound gratification in taking care of their family and helping their children excel.

Now, while American women see homemaking as a life’s burden, women from Japanese derive a sense of fulfillment from managing their homes and being great mothers. Homemakers are important individuals in Japan as they manage the budget and make important decisions for their families. Hence, if you want a woman who will assist you run your home and ensure you have peace of mind, date a Japanese woman.

Do Japanese Women Speak English?

In Japan, hardly anyone speaks English except in the information centers of hotels or big malls. Because of the flawed education system of English in Japan, most Japanese women are unwilling to learn English. Also, the grammatical difference between Japanese and English, most Japanese women find it difficult to learn English grammar.

According to research, 72% of Japanese people between the ages of 19 to 48 claim they cannot speak English. However, it is estimated that only 5% of the total population can express themselves freely in English. Yet, in the country’s capital and other big cities, you will find more Japanese women who can speak English.

The final thoughts

Women of Japanese are more mysterious than Japan itself. Marriage is the top priority of Japanese women and they take family bonds seriously. Unlike American, European, and Latin ladies, women of Japanese amaze their men with their meekness and grace. Like a geisha, Japanese women go the extra mile to make their men happy and satisfied.

These women are smart and fun to be around so much so that you will never be bored when you hang out with them. She is powerful and modest, with a strong connection to her culture and traditions. If you plan to marry a Japanese woman as a foreigner, it is wise to learn the Japanese language and culture. This makes it easier to communicate with her and better understand her actions. 

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