One of the main concerns of women when they travel solo is when they want to go out at night. Below are several tips on how to travel solo by night.

Travel Solo-Safety first….
-Taxis there and back are important for safety.
-Leave a note in your room saying where you are going and with whom AND inform your hotel where you are going and when you expect to be back.
-Stay sober. Drink very responsibly so that you have your wits about you.
-Ask your concierge whether the place you’re planning to go to is fun and safe.
-Know where your purse is – or better yet, don’t carry one.
Have fun…

-When you travel solo consider dinner/show combinations where you know you’ll be seated with other people.
-If you’re going to a small club, arrive early to ensure that you get a seat at the bar.
-If you’re going dancing and there’s a line up outside the club, look for a group of tourists that you read as safe (they’re not usually too hard to spot). Read How to Crash the Club Scene Solo
-Leave a club if it doesn’t feel right.
-Chat with the bartender so that they care about you.
-If a conversation starts with another patron, introduce yourself with your first name only.
-Don’t tell people you meet where you are staying.
-Leave by yourself and by taxi and don’t tell people where you’re staying.
-Read Clubbing and Pubbing Solo.

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