Reasons why River Cruises and traveling with a small group of women traveling together you may not know may help you with your second thoughts about solo travel.  More and more women are choosing to travel alone when family or spouses choose not to come alone.  Safety is on everyone’s mine these days, but when I travel solo on either a cruise or go on a guided tour the anxiety about safety is eased when on both these travel solutions.

5 Reason Below As To Why Women Think Twice About Solo Travel – Learn How River Cruises Make It All Ok.

Reason # 1-Traveling alone doesn’t feel as safe

River cruises are without a doubt the safest choice of any vacation for solo women travelers. Why? because River Cruises have less passengers aboard, detailed planned itineraries, open seating at every meal, and small group excursions.

Reason # 2-Feeling awkward when dining alone

Dining alone and feeling awkward is not a problem on a River Cruise, you will meet new people.
River Cruise ships have alot less passengers, because of this the dining area (open seating at every meal) is more intimate. The chance of your setting with someone else and getting to know them is very high.

Reason #3-The ‘single supplement’ makes the cost of solo travel unreachable
How River Cruises make this go away, There are river cruise lines that waive the single supplement on some destinations.

Reason #4-Traveling alone is lonely
River Cruises even makes this better,  Thanks to common areas and open seating for meals you’re bound to meet other people on a cruise.

Reason #5-There’s no one to share experiences with when I travel solo
Guided tours makes this better, Why not share the experiences with somebody new?
With guided tours you are bound to meet new people who are traveling solo or together. They come together to form a group that tours together.

If this is you and we have cleared up your second thoughts about solo travel on a River Cruise, Let’s Get Acquainted! and let our River Cruise specialist help you make your dreams of traveling come true!

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