This subject on travel safety tips for women traveling alone is at the top of every women’s list when deciding to travel solo. Recently there has been a surge in women traveling alone either for pleasure or business.

Here are 15 travel safety tips for women traveling alone that I feel are most important to women travelers.

Before You Go – Travel Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Tip #1 Give someone back home your itinerary.

At least one person who’s not traveling with you should have a general idea of where you’ll be and when, in case something goes wrong or they need to get in touch with you.

Tip #2 Take pictures of all your documents and put them on a locked site that you can access from any computer.

Passport, IDs, ticket numbers, reservations, etc. That way if you lose them AND your computer or phone, you won’t be totally screwed.

Tip #3 International phone plans are worth it for emergencies.

If you don’t want to spring for a whole plan, at least pack a couple of international phone cards with you in case you need them.

Tip #4 Consider travel insurance. For a reasonable fee they will not only cover medical and dental emergencies, but also reimburse you for lost baggage, trip cancellations, or delays, rental car damage, and more.

Tip #5 Schedule a regular check-in with someone back home.

Whether it’s via Skype or WhatsApp or email.

Tip #6 Register with the U.S. Department of State.

If something noteworthy happens in the country you’re in or at home, they will let you know ASAP. And download their Smart Traveler app.

Tip #7 Register with the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (IAMAT).

They’ll help you locate a nearby medical clinic with approved doctors where they speak English.

What To Bring With You – Travel Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Tip #1 Have hard copies of your itinerary and important phone numbers with you at all times.

This can include the number and location of your hotels, rental companies, anyone you’re meeting, an emergency contact, and the closest U.S. Embassy.

Tip #2 Don’t keep all your money in one place.

Keep some cash and a card on your person and some in your bag and some back at your hotel.

Tip #3 Wear a fake wedding ring.

This give allusion that you are traveling with your husband and you are not alone.

Tip #4 Bring a portable door alarm.

These are cheap, easy ways to make any accommodations feel safer. The door alarm is also a jamb that can make shared bathrooms more private while you shower.

Tip #5 Carry a safety mechanism that you feel comfortable with.

Mace (which you can’t bring on the plane, but you can put in a checked bag) or a whistle or a cat keychain all work for self defense, just in case.

Be Safe While Staying At A Hotels and Hostels – Travel Safety Tips For Women Traveling alone

Tip #1 Keep two hotel keys with you — one in your bag and one on your person.

That way if your bag gets nabbed, you’re not locked out.

Tip #2 Leave the DO NOT DISTURB sign on your door and the TV on when you leave your hotel room.This will deter thieves, who will think there’s someone in there.

Tip #3 Have the address of your hotel or hostel written down to hand to taxi drivers.

Doesn’t hurt to do this for anywhere you’ll be taking a taxi if you don’t speak the language.

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