What are some of the advantages of traveling alone for Women?

  • Being able to go where you want, do what you want, when you want has to be balanced with feeling lonely, conspicuous about eating alone and appearing friendless.
  • Having a feeling of empowerment, being able live for a short time without compromise
  • You become adaptable, being able to handle anything life my throw at you.

You have to have a wonderlust’ mindset this can be the drive for your first alone travel experience. If you lack suitable travel companions it can be a question of stepping out solo or not going on a trip at all.

Women traveling alone need not be lonely and can be great fun.

Just Remember the Following Twelve Tips For Women Traveling Alone When Preparing To Travel and Your Travels will go Amazingly.

Tip #1.Use or find a Women Travel Advisor to do the research for you. I always use a Travel consultant, they have the relationships with the Travel Industry and can find out what is happening out there. This is one of the best tips for women who travel alone. Let us help you!

Tip #2. Get advice about the best credit/debit cards to take abroad from https://moneysavingexpert.com. There is also a useful tool for finding the best exchange rates which will make your hard earned cash go further.

Tip #3. When packing, roll your clothes up. You will get more in your case and your things will crease less. Knowing you are looking your best will make you feel more confident about meeting and chatting to new friends.

Tip #4. If you need to arrange transit to and from the airport arrange this with your Luxury Travel advisor  or hotel. It may cost a bit more but it is much safer and the drivers will be insured. It is also much nicer when you arrive alone, to have someone waiting for you.

Women Traveling alone can be a wonderful experience. With women solo traveler you will meet many new people and your confidence will stretch to the moon. Try it. You’ll see!

Prepare For Your Destination – Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Women Traveling alone to a distant land can be exciting especially if you need some quality time alone. It most certainly is a great way to relax, unwind and get away from things for a while. However, traveling alone can be dangerous especially if you’re going to a foreign country where you don’t know anyone.

To avoid nightmares when traveling to a different country, consider the following remaining tips for women traveling alone.

Tip #5. Prior preparation and planning, does the country have a culture of harassing females, is there a history of sexual attacks against females, all these issues need to be identified prior to departure. Another reason you should use a travel advisor who can handle prior preparation and planning for you.

Tip #6. Connect with fellow travelers, women travelers when heading out alone, it is rare that you remain alone once overseas (unless solo travel is actively pursued). Friendships are made and bonds formed through the mutual interests of travel and adventure.

Tip #7. Leave the “bling” (Jewelry) home, Try and avoid shiny or expensive looking jewelry and accessories. Nice watches, bracelets, necklaces and alike should be avoided. The same goes with top of the range phones, laptops and cameras.

Tip #8. Plan routes, Whether you are coming back to your hotel or cruise ship from a bar, beach or museum think about what route you will take. Avoid quiet areas, alleyways or other perceived areas of risk.

Tip #9. Learn how to deal with European men, In northern Europe, you won’t draw any more attention from men than you would in America.

In southern Europe, for sure in Italy, you’ll get more attention than you’re used to, but it’s usually a “long look” — nothing you can’t handle. But be aware that in the Mediterranean world, when you smile and look a man in the eyes, it’s often considered an invitation. Wear dark sunglasses this may help with the eye contact.

Hotel and Accommodation Security – Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Tip #10. Choose accommodations wisely, your travel advisor would have researched the areas through their sources of travel forums, hotel websites, etc.

Is the hotel or hostel well managed? Is the surrounding area safe to travel after dark? Does the hotel or hostel have good security? For more information on tips for women traveling alone, go to LuxeWomenTravel.com and search under Helpful Travel Tips.

Tip #11. If you’re joining a women’s tour group, take the time to read testimonials from previous tour participants.

Tip #12. Read the itinerary and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

By using common sense and these tips for women traveling alone, making good decisions, and above all else, having confidence in yourself and your ability to travel on your own, you’ll be rewarded with rich experiences and great stories to tell your friends.

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